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When it comes to packing items for shipping, one can choose from wooden pallets and wooden shipping crates to transport their items in. Although pallets are the default packaging method for most items, there are certain scenarios where wooden crates will be the better packaging choice.

In this article, we will discuss some of these scenarios to provide you with a better idea of when to opt for wooden crates. If your business falls under any of the following industries or sells any of the following goods, take this as an opportunity to find better shipping solutions for your products.

Why Use Wooden Shipping Crates?

Wooden crates are great for items that are not suitable for shipping in wood pallets. In some cases, wood pallets will not be able to provide enough protection for certain items. Wooden crates are much easier to customize depending on the need, and they come in many styles and variations. They are also better suited for items that need more cushioning and protection during transport.

What Items Are Wooden Shipping Crates Best Suited For?

If you are confused about which items will benefit from being shipped in a wooden crate instead of a pallet, here are some of the most common industries that are more suited for wooden crates.

1 – Agriculture

Many fruits and vegetables fresh from the harvest will need to be shipped right away to make sure that the produce will still be fresh when it reaches its destination. Many of these fruits and vegetables will not have a uniform shape and size. This variation will make it really difficult to fit them into wooden pallets without totally squeezing them and ruining the entire batch.

On the other hand, wooden crates will offer more space for fresh produce during shipping. They will also offer better cushioning and prevent the fruits and vegetables from being pressed up against each other.

2 – Industrial Machinery

Wooden crates are a great choice for shipping industrial machinery, as they can be customized to protect all the sensitive parts and components of these machines. Their size, shape, and other dimensions can be patterned to fit whatever machinery will be placed inside them.

There are many different industries that use wooden shipping crates to transport industrial machinery. For example, the airline industry uses massive crates to ship jet engines, fuselage parts, and other aircraft parts. The cruise and cargo industries also use wooden crates for similar purposes. The military also makes use of wooden crates to ship their foodstuffs, hardware, and other needs.

3 – Fragile or Oddly-Sized Products

This is where the need for wooden crates becomes most apparent. Wooden crates can be customized to accommodate items that have irregular shapes and sizes. The crates can be constructed to fit these items to ensure that they will not be damaged during shipping.


If you have to ship fragile items or other valuables that come in irregular shapes and sizes, it is best to use wooden crates instead of pallets when you have them shipped. As you can see from above, this option provides better protection that can minimize the risk of damage and losses.
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