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Seen everywhere, from farms to grocery stores, the wooden pallet is an ubiquitous item in the United States. The chances are that you have one lying around in your garage; in fact, your bookshelf or bench may have even started its life as a wooden pallet! Wooden pallets are so in demand that the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy estimates that as much as 1.8 to 1.9 billion wooden pallets are used in the US to store and transport goods.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is something more to the humble wooden pallet, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are three surprising facts about wooden pallets that you may not have known before:

Wooden pallets are easily upcycled
Wooden pallets are primarily used to ship and store goods and are very commonplace everywhere—from warehouses to retail stores! Their rigid frames help ensure that goods retain their integrity throughout shipping over long distances, and are also used for display to create an organic aesthetic.

Many people assume that wooden pallets are discarded once their original use-case has been fulfilled. This cannot be farther from the truth! Wooden pallets are easily repurposed as functional items, ranging from beautiful bookshelves to garden planters and benches.

Wooden pallets are environmentally-friendly
Many people look at wooden pallets and hastily connect it to environmental degradation and deforestation.

The simple truth is that most wooden pallets are sustainably-sourced from tree farms. Manufacturing wooden pallets do not contribute to carbon emissions either! Since wood absorbs carbon dioxide when it grows and then releases it after burning or when allowed to break down naturally, they are considered carbon neutral.

This fact is especially important because the closest alternative is plastic pellets, which are made from fossil fuels and use up more resources in factories. Moreover, wood pallets are 20% of the cost of new plastic pellets, making it a more cost-effective option too.

Wooden pallets support a circular economy
The lumber used in pallets starts its life as a byproduct of other industries that use wood, such as veneer production, furniture, and paper manufacturing. Instead of ending up in landfills or being burned for fuel, this leftover lumber is repurposed into wooden pallets used for shipping and storage.

As mentioned above, once the wooden pallets are deemed unusable for its original purpose, many enterprising individuals have successfully repurposed them into functional items. Once it reaches the end of its useful cycle, the wood can be further reused as gardening mulch, boiler fuel, biofuel, and animal bedding.

This continuous repurposing makes wooden pallets an integral part of a circular economy, which maximizes the value of the materials used to construct it!


In many ways, wood pallets are the only 100% renewable, recyclable, and reusable product available today. They are sourced from sustainable tree farms, are repurposed from other wood industries, and can be used for many different purposes until they come back to the ground and serve as nutrients for the next generation of trees. On top of that, they are very cost-effective and work great for what they do best: protecting fragile goods!
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