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Wooden pallets are primarily used for transporting heavy items and shipping and storing products. Their cost can quickly add up and burn a hole in your pocket, which is why purchasing used ones is a more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

If you are considering used wood pallets for sale, look for companies that throw them out and sell them significantly cheaper while considering their quality. Here are some factors you have to consider when buying used wood pallets:


Purchasing pallets of the incorrect size can lead to accidents when you lift them with incompatible machines. Therefore, the size of used wood pallets is an important factor you should consider when buying.

To make sure you are purchasing the correct size for your business, check the standard dimension for pallets for your industry and machine. This will make your shipping and shelving process more efficient and convenient and help your logistics team calculate your costs more easily.


Regardless of the purpose of your pallets, you have to make sure that they are high-quality and durable so they can address your business needs accordingly. For instance, if you are using pallets to store items for a long time or pick them up with a forklift, buy Grade 1 or Category A types because they are the strongest and most ideal for warehouse use.

Grade 2 wood pallets, while sturdy and long-lasting, have often undergone repairs. These types of pallets are restored to be more aesthetically pleasing, so they are perfect for your business if you plan on turning them into shelves, tables, bookcases, and other kinds of furniture for displaying items.

Reach out to us for number 1 and number 2 B-grade remanufactured pallets and crating solutions for your small business. We can be the trustworthy supplier that provides you quality with shipping containers. Unlike other companies, we help you recycle wood responsibly and cut down on costs.


Pallets can be found in both softwood and hardwood varieties. If you are looking for a cheaper, lighter, and more accessible option, then go for softwood. However, they are more prone to mold, so consider kiln-drying them before use. Meanwhile, opt for hardwood if you are transporting heavy goods. While they cost more to ship due to their heavy weight, they are more durable, denser, and stronger than softwood.


Before buying used pallets, be careful and avoid purchasing those with various quality issues and make sure they are free of mold, stains, dirt, structural damage, or discolorations. This is especially crucial if you are in the food business since stains and dirt can contaminate your products and hurt your reputation. Mold and damage can be dangerous when the pallets are lifted by a forklift since they weaken the material.


Used wood pallets are essential in the operations of your business. To ensure a seamless process from storing to shipping, don’t forget to consider the factors listed in this guide prior to purchase. Make sure also to look for a trusted supplier like us that offers the pallets that suit your industry so you can become more successful in the long run.

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