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Of all the materials used in the shipping industry, wood is the most common, thanks to its versatility, durability, and accessibility. For that reason, any crates you are using to store your products are likely made out of wood. While they are built to last, wood is still a natural product, meaning that it will deteriorate quite a bit faster compared to more synthetic options. For that reason, some care and maintenance are required to ensure they maintain their structural integrity and form despite being used daily.

Here are some tips on how you can enhance the lifespan of your wooden crates:

1. Pick the right size

You should be choosing the perfect size for your needs. The biggest reason you would want to choose the right size rather than go too big or too small is to want them to fit your pallets. Those that are too big will likely clip other things and cause damage while those that are too small will fail to fit as many products into it. The packing will also be much easier to do with the right-sized crate, which we will get to in a bit.

2. Purchase durable crates

Other than picking the right-sized crates, you should also be purchasing ones that are durable and strong. While all wooden crates are made out of wood, know that the strength it offers can vary due to its construction, size, and more. Weak crates will be much more prone to being replaced, meaning you will have to purchase more in the long run. Strong crates, on the other hand, can last years, making buying new ones a rare occasion. Besides, stronger crates are better at protecting your products.

3. Pack items in the crates properly

As we mentioned earlier, purchasing the right-sized crates will help you pack the items properly. This is important because if the products you put into your crates do not fit snugly, there is a chance they will get tossed around during shipment. Overpacking can also be a problem, leading to various issues such as damaged crates and products. It’s important to also consider the slim chance that the crate may break open and release all the products. By packing the items properly, you essentially protect the crate. Do not forget to fill the leftover space with fillers like packing peanuts, as they will also ensure safe transportation for both crate and product.

4. Store the crates in the right environment

Storing crates in a climate-controlled environment is vital for many reasons. First, putting them in the right environment can slow down the deterioration right exponentially. Second, keeping the temperatures constant can mean less expansion and contraction, which can hurt the crate’s integrity. Finally, keeping the environment moisture free can reduce the chances of rot from claiming your crates.


Crates are an integral part of your shipping efforts. They carry your products, protecting them from their starting point all the way to their final destination. That being said, they still require care from you from your end, so apply the tips we have shared with you. Purchase strong creates in the right size and store them properly. That way, they can last years upon years to come, storing your products and protecting them from the outside environment.

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