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Shipping crates are a tried and tested way to transport one’s goods around the world, especially when you have products that need to be shipped overseas. Large wooden crates are one of the best materials for safely delivering your goods to their destination. However, transportation goes beyond just using the proper crates; it’s also about making sure that these materials are handled properly!

Here are the top five ways to successfully transport a shipping crate so that you avoid incurring steep fines, running into expensive delays, or damaging your goods in the process.

Use A Pallet

Wooden pallets are important for transporting and lifting any kind of large container. Pallets are responsible for putting space between the crate and the ground so that your crew members or the carriers who are responsible for the cargo can use a lift truck to carry them around. The pallets are designed to have slots where the arms of the lift truck will fit into so that less energy is exerted to move it around.

Remember, when using a pallet, you must also apply a stretch wrap to keep the crates attached firmly to the pallet in order to avoid an accident.

Conduct Due Diligence For International Standards

You can’t just ship any sort of crate and pallet around the world. If your shipments need to cross international borders, then they need to comply with international shipping standards!

One reason for this is because wooden shipping materials can easily become breeding grounds for all sorts of wood-borne insects and diseases. Make sure that all your equipment has been inspected and approved by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC).

All the shipping materials on the trip need to have the official IPPC stamp to verify that they have been treated for plant pests and diseases! They may get delayed on the border or even returned to the sender if they do not bear this stamp—which is why it’s crucial to nail this the first time to avoid delays.

Pack The Crate Correctly

You can’t just throw all your goods willy-nilly into each crate. It’s already difficult to see the inside of these boxes, so you need to make sure that the weight is as evenly distributed as possible before sealing it and sending it off!

If you don’t make the wooden crates secure, it runs the chance of unexpectedly tipping over in one direction, injuring whoever is involved in the transportation process. In case the object you are transporting cannot be helped and is heavier on one side, add a warning label to the outside of the crate alongside a description of what is inside so that everyone knows how to handle it properly and safely.

Clean All Your Crates Thoroughly

These crates are bound to accumulate all sorts of dirt and debris, especially if you are transporting loose or dirty products. This could create a conducive environment for insects to settle and breed in, which leads to all kinds of problems later on! It is also bad for the company’s image for your products to arrive at their destination looking battered and forlorn.

All you need to do is wipe down the inside of each crate before it is sent off to lessen the risk of this happening.


It can be intimidating to think of how important it is that you handle each shipment with care from the start of its journey to when it reaches its destination. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure that once it embarks on its travels, it arrives at the recipient’s doorstep quickly, efficiently, and safely! By applying these tips, you’re one step closer to providing 100% satisfaction for all your shipping efforts.

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