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Wooden crates are essentially large shipping containers, which are used to transport heavy, large, and unevenly sized materials. These crates are especially important during the shipping process, especially since companies need to consider their product needs, cost of transportation, and of course, the shipping conditions.

Certain factors can affect the shipping methods, which include the durability of the commodity in question, environment, cost of materials, and even convenience. Due to the durability and flexibility of wooden crates, they offer more options and protection, allowing companies to gain value for money. The production of these crates also requires simple tools and procedures, further saving them on tops and costs.

If you’re considering investing in wooden crates for your business, but wish to learn more, here’s a quick and easy guide for you:

Why should you choose wooden crates?

Better security: Unfortunately, the world is riddled with bad intentions. Your cargo can easily fall into the wrong hands, which can be opened and compromised. With a wooden crate, however, you’ll have more peace of mind. Prying open a wooden crate requires strength and ample tools, such as a crowbar. This can be a difficult task, which will often cause a scene should an unauthorized person attempt to pry it open. That said, rest easy knowing that your packages will be kept safe and secure, especially if you’re shipping valuable items.
Recyclable for better value: Unlike standard cardboard boxes and other packing materials, wooden crates can be used multiple times. So long as the integrity of the wood remains intact (no splits or bends), you can easily reuse the crates. By reusing these items, you reduce costs and of course, help the environment in your little way.
Who can benefit most from wooden crates?

The industrial companies

Wooden crates have always been the go-to packaging for industrial companies. Industrial equipment and machinery can be kept safe beyond the wooden walls. These crates can also be manufactured in various sizes, which can include the following items:

  • Engine, wings, and fuselage parts of airplanes
  • Propellers, crankshafts, and propellers of cruise and cargo ships
  • Propane, chemicals, and water for large liquid tanks
  • Military food, hardware, and other equipment for military use
  • Businesses offering delicate or oddly-designed products

For those businesses offering delicate or oddly-shaped commodities, wooden crates are the best packaging solution. Seeing as crates are highly customizable, every single product, no matter the shape, can easily be fitted into these multipurpose wooden crates. Companies will be able to ship glass products with ease, along with paintings, sensitive electronics, and so much more.

The agricultural scene

Wooden crates are also the most favorable choice when it comes to the shipment of farm produce. Most fruits and vegetables cannot sit well in normal boxes, as they can easily be squeezed and bruised in the process of packaging. These products are also rather heavy, making them the perfect choice for wooden crates.

Investing in The Right Business Components

Choosing the proper packaging container is paramount to your business operations. It keeps your items safe and secure, no matter where they end up around the world. Wooden crates are one of the most popular pieces, known to simply be the best options for shipments and packaging. As you plan your next business steps, make sure to keep this guide in mind. It may very well be the answer to your shipment nightmares.

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