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Our Story

Working with wood pallets is a highly specific type of job, and at JL Texas Pallets & Logistics, it’s the only one we want.

We know that operating a business is hard work, especially when you feel alone. When you’re short on suppliers, you need a trustworthy local Houston, TX, provider.

Our team offers more than quality shipping containers. You can rely on us for a variety of different products and services every day.

From helping you recycle wood responsibly, to saving money, we provide it all. See why area business owners prefer us for all their shipping containers.

What's Our Story with Industrial Wood?

In many ancient cultures, wood was seen as a primary building block of life. Before we knew about the elemental table, much was traced back to lumber.

Today, it’s still every bit as interesting to us, especially with what it can do. These versatile building materials can become any number of items, even after pallets break down.

We also feel passionate about saving our friends and neighbors money on containers.

We guarantee you won’t find a better supplier than JL Texas Pallets & Logistics