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Shipping products from one point to another always comes with risks. Yet, there are things one can do to minimize that risk and ensure the safety of their items. For instance, the use of wooden crates is an excellent solution.

Wooden crates are typically lightweight and inexpensive, making them ideal for transporting products, especially agricultural goods. They also offer protection from potential damage, and similar to pallets, they are customizable and recyclable.

Now that we’ve established that wooden crates are a good option for protecting products while they are being shipped, the next thing you need to know is how you can secure the products inside those crates. Here are some ideas:

Use Fillers or Bubble Wraps

This is perhaps one of the most common and economical ways to keep products safe inside the crate. All you need to do is wrap the products in sheets of old newspaper or magazine and then fill up space inside the container with foam or more crumpled paper.

As an alternative, you can wrap your products in bubble wraps to cushion the products better without adding too much weight.

Use Corrugated Inserts

The idea is similar to that of using fillers, except that what’s used to keep the products from moving while being transported are corrugated cardboard sheets. What’s good about this is that it’s a recyclable and reusable material that hardly costs anything, too!

Use Saddles

Did you know that you can have either a wood or a steel saddle customized to ensure that the products you are transporting remain safe? You can have one customized and directly connected to the base of the container so that there will be extra support for your product as it is transported.

Use Custom Foam Inserts

For more valuable products, paper fillers may not be secure enough. In this situation, you can try adding foam inserts that are customized to prevent such damage as abrasions and shock. The materials that are often used for this purpose are carpet, foam, and neoprene.

Use the Block and Brace Technique

Blocking and bracing is a packing technique that is used if there is a need for extra support for the integrity of the packaging both inside and out. What you’ll do is secure a part inside the crate and either a nail or a screw is placed in pieces of lumber to be placed around the part. In essence, this will reinforce that particular part’s position in the crate to discourage any movement whatsoever!

Use Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps and other tie-down devices can help keep the product you are transporting in place. This can also be used together with the saddle for superior support.

Use the Right Type of Tape

When you are using wood pallets or crates as your packing box, you need to use the right kind of tape on the cardboard boxes before placing them inside the wood crate. One option is reinforced water-activated tape, which is considerably stronger than the typical clear tape. This type of tape can help prevent the corrugated box from bursting during transport!


Wood crates are an excellent option for packaging when shipping products, especially if you are transporting produce or farm equipment. Of course, it matters to know where to buy pallets and wooden crates that are of the highest quality to ensure your shipment’s safety.

Tomball Pallet can provide you with high-quality crates and wooden pallets in Texas. We can customize your wooden crates to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products!