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Industrial Wood Recycling in Houston, TX

Many different shipping products utilize some lumber-based materials, especially with pallets. In the end, every one of them will need industrial wood recycling. This process helps eliminate junk items from heading to the nearest landfill.

At JL Texas Pallets & Logistics, we keep industrial wood recycling simple every day. We take discarded products from throughout Houston, TX, to break them down and recycle properly.

From pet bedding to yard mulch, there’s nothing recycled wood can’t accomplish. Go the green route with your discarded containers and contact us.

What is Industrial Wood Recycling?

As an organic material, wood can only be used so many times. Once it’s no longer durable, pallets often get thrown out.

What many people don’t realize is that they can be reused. Pallets with some usable components go on to build even more of them.

Otherwise, they’re stripped down and sorted by different material grades. They may need to be shredded a second time, leaving them split finely.

Any nails or screws that are left behind are also recycled by melting them. It’s what makes wood pallets one of the most eco-friendly products that you can find.

Choose Us for Your Industrial Wood Recycling Needs

Not all facilities have the capability to break down lumber properly. We can, however, recycle any industrial wood items that you have.

Before you throw your pallets out, call us. JL Texas Pallets & Logistics offers reliable wood recycling.