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Pallets are useful transport structures that keep all goods in stable condition. This is particularly evident now that the COVID-19 pandemic has made most businesses resort to online selling, which requires the shipping of items from one place to another. If you have a business that relies on pallets for safe delivery, it would be helpful for you to know the pallet industry trends we are anticipating to be the most in-demand for this year. That way, you can make the necessary preparations.

Here are the pallet trends to keep an eye on for 2021:

#1: Quality vs Cost

Gone are the days when most businesses would depend on prices when it comes to investing. For now, the priority is quality. Most warehouses today utilize automated systems and technology that have a different mechanism than traditional warehouse equipment. Most of these new developments do not have the same flexibility as the old ones, so you need sturdy palettes to keep up with their power. Otherwise, you could expect more pallet failure, which can lead to product damage.

If you do not want this type of loss for your business, make sure to invest in quality pallets.

#2: The Pallet to Parcel Trend

Pallets used to be a silent mechanic of all the hard work involved in the delivery of goods. In the current setup, the receiver only sees the parcel they need, without an idea of how it got to them safely. However, we anticipate changes in this aspect this year as more retail operations consider bringing the packages from the warehouse to the recipient more securely. That means including the pallets in a pallet to parcel throughput setup. It could also mean some future development on specialized pallets to cater to and optimize this service.

The exact type of pallet you choose will always be dependent on the types of business and products you sell. If you believe shifting to a pallet-to-parcel strategy will benefit your business, think about whether it will impact the pallets you will buy.

#3: Automated Data Tracking

Automation has been a trend that would continue to drift for many years ahead. Although details on transported goods are already automated in some companies, there is still an opportunity to include every tiny detail in the system, such as each pallet’s status, the handling practices, shipment schedule of each, and more.

Data tracking is incredibly helpful to entrepreneurs who do not have the time to visit their warehouses but need to be updated 24/7 about their business status. It would also help buyers see where their packages currently stand.

#4: Resilient Suppliers

Besides focusing on the products, keep an eye out on your suppliers this year. Learn to invest in a good relationship with the right ones. Because of the high demand and other unexpected situations, COVID-19, for example, you would never know what kind of troubles await your goods in transport, so you need reliable suppliers that can help you minimize your business loss.


No matter what business you started, always remember that you live in an ever-changing world. You need to continually adapt to what is new and suitable for your business, or else you would be left out in the past that would keep your business outdated. If you are in the e-commerce business, take note of these possible trends that could affect your business later. Make the necessary preparations to avoid other complications especially when it comes to palette buying.

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