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Wooden pallets are standard in the warehousing and commercial industries. They are essential in storing products and transporting them effectively and efficiently to save space with improved accessibility. While many large enterprises invest in brand new pallets each time they conduct business, these can often be a bit costly to sustain for smaller enterprises.

Choosing between new versus recycled wooden pallets is often riddled with confusion and plenty of pros and cons for each. Some businesses will face the option to buy either one, and there are risks involved with recycled pallets. However, buying brand new pallets might not always be the best option. Here is a comprehensive guide on buying new versus recycled wooden pallets:

Brand New Products

These brand new pallets are constructed from the ground-up using unused materials and hardware. With the wood being straight from trees after being trimmed and cut to size, they are ready for use and have unmatched durability. Freshly made wooden pallets can be found in standard or custom-made sizes.

Pros of Brand New Pallets:

Durability is Unparalleled

Buying new items always has better durability than anything recycled or refurbished due to the materials used being fresh and untampered with by previous users. Hardwood wooden pallets can endure hefty weights and allow proper warehousing operations with a lesser risk of breaking. There is a quality assurance with no prior wear and tear, and they will definitely last longer knowing they came brand new.

They Are Readily Available

Whether you are ordering one or one hundred, these pallets are typically always in stock. If you need wooden pallets on a whim, it is best to invest in brand new ones to get them in your warehouse as soon as possible. Larger batches of these pallets will be easier to access, albeit at a higher cost.

Cons of Brand New Pallets:

Not Cost-Effective

If you are storing or shipping lighter goods that don’t require extremely durable materials to keep them secure, brand new pallets might not be cost-effective. However, it also pays to look at the size of an enterprise, as larger businesses have the money to spend on premium pallets depending on the goods they offer. The cost of brand new wooden pallets is typically more expensive, throwing many people off from buying them in bulk.

Recycled Wooden Pallets

These products have typically been repaired and refurbished with quality to meet the workplace requirements for storage and shipment. While recycled pallets sound like a threat to safety, they are actually tested exceptionally well and are run through the proper procedures to ensure their structural integrity. They still have similar strengths as brand new pallets and come with their sets of pros and cons.

Pros of Recycled Pallets:


Recycled pallets are made from previously used wood, which means that the costs to extract these from trees are omitted. They are typically much cheaper, often up to 70 percent lower in pricing due to their repurposed nature. If you are looking to mass-purchase pallets, recycled ones are the best choice.

They Can Reach Your Warehouse Faster

Many pallet companies like Texas Pallets have them in stock at all times, as we may be carrying out recycle jobs while receiving a group of previously used ones. This constant supply means that when you set an order for recycled pallets, they are immediately shipped out, reaching your warehouse or business faster.

Cons of Recycled Products:

They Lose Durability Over Time

Compared to brand new pallets, these wooden pallets were typically heavily used in their past lives, making them degrade faster. Sooner or later, these pallets will give out and often break quicker than their new counterparts. Specific items for storage might still benefit from recycled wood, as they do not have heavy requirements when stored.


When choosing between new and recycled wooden pallets, the ultimate decision should be based on what kind of products your company sells and its durability requirements. If items are more expensive and can be damaged, it doesn’t make sense to cheap out on storage and shipment options. Either way, both are good choices, and it all boils down to business operations’ nature.

JL Texas Pallets & Logistics is the premium wooden pallet supplier in Tomball, Texas. If you’ve ever asked yourself where to buy pallets, you have come to the right place, as we sell both brand new and recycled products for commercial and industrial businesses. Contact us to learn more about our products.