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Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of wood. There are a lot of options when it comes to finding the right container if you’re in the shipping business. Where to get pallets is not really a concern, but what kind of pallet is a different conversation altogether.

Wooden shipping crates are easily the best option since unlike cardboard and plastic, they are cost-effective and extremely durable.

Here are some reasons why the use of wooden shipping crates is beneficial.

Sturdy and Strong

It will be incredibly difficult for you to find a container that is more durable than a wooden crate. By default, wood is known for being a sturdy material, as it can stand the test of time and last under pressure. No wonder that wood is used when building homes as well as all kinds of structures. This same power can be harnessed when wooden crates are used for shipping. Whatever goods or products you put in will be kept safe when being transported through wood containers. They’re so strong that stacking one on top of the other is not only possible, but poses no immediate damage to whatever contents are in the crate to begin with.

Effective and Cost-Efficient

There is no need to spend a fortune on shipping materials when you choose to use crates made out of wood for your goods or products. Wood requires little processing as it is ubiquitous. The secure enclosure is created quite easily since crates are simply nailed together.

It is possible to order large wooden crates at a lesser cost in comparison to other kinds of shipping containers. You can even rent wooden pallets if the shipping is a one-time situation. Wooden crates are the cheapest option for shipping something in a secure manner.

Peace of Mind

A wooden crate is usually opened with the use of a crowbar and a good amount of upper body strength, since it essentially needs to be opened through prying. If there is a valuable item amidst the crates you are shipping, you will have peace of mind since you know that your package is safe and sound. Even if someone unauthorized makes an attempt to tamper with the crate, there will be difficulties for them in trying to open it without causing a scene.

In comparison, just about anyone can open a cardboard box in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t even have to be scissors or a knife—all the would-be thief would need is a sharp object, and they will be able to cut through it, leaving the contents free for the taking.


Wooden crates are immensely convenient for a number of reasons. Stackable, durable, and available in several shapes and sizes, it is incredibly convenient for any company or organization with shipping needs. Aside from being a container for goods to ship, it is an all-natural product, which means it’s recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

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