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Custom & New Pallets for Sale in Houston, TX

When you need worry-free storage, it’s tough to beat custom and new pallets. However, it’s not always easy to find a local Houston, TX, pallet provider when you run out.

JL Texas Pallets & Logistics offers a range of quality pallets. Whether you need them for your business or at home, choose us for all your pallet needs.

Even if you need an irregular size, we can help you. Choose us for your custom wood pallets and other industrial storage crates. Whether you deliver products or stock shelves, we have the best options available. Contact us to begin your order for quality custom wood pallets and crates at affordable pricing.

The Best Custom Pallets Houston, TX

One reason why local business owners prefer our pallets is because of our flexible service. We don’t require a minimum order or strict contracts.

You can choose us for one-time orders, bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly options. We also carry both standard dimensions and offer customized sizing.

Whatever custom pallets you need the most, we provide them at lower costs. We guarantee you won’t find a better choice for shipping crates around. Why buy more units than you need right now when we offer flexible ordering? When you order through us, we do what we can to keep your costs low.

Order Custom Pallets

When you take your products seriously, you keep them in durable custom pallets. Nothing else offers lasting peace of mind.

Order from JL Texas Pallets & Logistics for pallets and crates at affordable pricing.

Heat Treated (HT) Pallets & Crates for International shipping - ISPM 15 stamped, Houston, TX

Although all shipping pallets and crates are built for durability, some offer more safety than others. Heat treated lumber (HT) is a must for anyone dealing with international clients.

At JL Texas Pallets & Logistics, we ensure every pallet or crate is treated to industry standards. No matter what you ship or where it goes, we guarantee pallets are compliant with the ISPM 15 program.

Not every company has the equipment needed to keep your products safe. You can feel confident that you can always rely on our inventory for heat treated lumber.