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Pallets are mainly used to stack and store materials, especially when handled by forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors, and the like. They are also utilized to protect objects when being placed in transport vehicles.

As they perform such functions, they must naturally be strong and durable. It is for this reason that wooden pallets are what businesses commonly use.

If your small business relies on wooden containers as well, you know first-hand how tough and sturdy they are. With that said, it pays to remember that they are still vulnerable to rotting and damage. This is especially true when they are exposed to moisture, sun, and snow for prolonged periods.

The bright side is that the seemingly simple act of storing them properly can help prolong their lifespan.

With that, here are some tips worth following to keep your containers fresh and durable for a long time:

1. Keep Them Off the Ground

Leaving your pallets on the ground may seem harmless. In reality, this can cause significant damage to your containers. Especially when done in long periods, letting the bottom pallet rest directly on land exposes it to moisture and makes it prone to rotting.

A smarter way of storing and preserving your wooden containers is by placing them on 4×4’s or any similar dunnage. In this way, the bottom pallet can dry quickly, even in wet or moist conditions. Eventually, this lets you use your pallets for a longer time.

2. Avoid Storing Them in Tight and Damp Areas

Air circulation is another crucial factor when it comes to pallet storage and maintenance.

Considering this, you need to store your containers in well-ventilated spaces. Aside from that, you must also check that the place is dry. Both of these conditions help keep the boards dry, effectively keeping them from rotting prematurely.

3. Use Older Pallets First

Another practical and effective way to preserve your wooden pallets is to get the most out of each of them.

Every time you bring in new containers, make sure to use the older ones first. Pull the latter out of the stockpile—those that are usually at the back of the row—before using your new pallets.

4. Move Them Around Now and Then

If you will not be using your pallets for a couple of months, you must rotate how they are stacked periodically.

For example, if you have ten containers stacked, take off five of them at the top and put them on the bottom. Consequently, put those which were previously at the bottom on top.

These changes in position ensure that no one pallet remains at the overly-moist spot longer compared to the rest.

BONUS TIP: Check Your Wooden Pallets Before Using Them

It is a smart practice to test your pallets first before using them.

You can do this by simply hitting the board with a hammer. You will know that a container is already rotten if the boards break in a straight line; good boards usually break in a splintering manner. Aside from that, know that it takes a lot of force to break a board that’s still in good shape.


Pallets made out of wood are commonly used because they are sturdy and heavy-duty, perfect for their function. However, it’s worth noting that the material they are made of is also prone to rotting and deterioration. The bright side is that there are steps you can take to keep your pallets in good condition. Following the tips mentioned above will help you keep both your materials and your workers safe.

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